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The Skip Truck is a Ford Cargo flatbed truck utilized by the Gatherers on Isla Sorna. The vehicle was included as part of the Tracker/Trapper series of Matchbox’s The Lost World: Jurassic Park Action System toy line. No such truck appeared in the film, and it is a toy-only vehicle.

The Ford Cargo Skip Truck debuted in 1987 when Matchbox was still owned by Universal Toys, who’d acquired the brand from Lesney in 1982. It was originally a construction-themed vehicle used for on-site garbage disposal, featuring a tilting dumpster that could be raised and lowered from the truck bed. For inclusion in the Lost World line, Matchbox simply released it as “Skip Truck,” although the Ford oval is still visible (unpainted) on the grill. It kept the tilting arms but substituted the dumpster with a cage that could be raised and lowered over a very small dinosaur.

The vehicle included figurines of Ian Malcolm and the baby Tyrannosaurus.

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