Jurassic Park III: Raptor Attack Playset

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Jurassic Park III Raptor Attack Playset
Jurassic Park III Raptor Attack Playset

The Raptor Attack Playset is a repaint of the Jurassic Park Command Compound gate, fences and weaponry.  It comes with 2 exclusive figures: Alan Grant and a Velociraptor.  Both are repaints from the Jurassic Park III Raptor Motorcycle Pursuit set.

The Jurassic Park gate (although not featured in the Jurassic Park III movie) is this time painted, unlike the original Command Compound version. It features an aged wooden look with hints of red. The fences are painted metalic silver and not grey/blue like the original ones.

Since I won’t open my boxed Jurassic Park items, I’ll show some close-ups from the box:

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