The Jurassic toys that were almost in the movies

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Due to the nature of producing toys based on movies, many product designs are made during pre-production of the movie. Resulting sometimes in toys that were never featured in the film or that look totally different.

In this blog post, we’ll have a look at 5 Jurassic Toys that were inspired by pre-design concepts from the Jurassic Park films that never made it to the silver screen.

5. Jurassic Park III military toys

Joe Johnston’s Jurassic Park III ended rather abruptly with the saving of the stranded group by the navy and the marines. In one of the film’s early scripts there were more scenes planned in which the military stood eye to eye with the dinosaurs – on the ground, in the sky and in the water – and had to battle their way of the island. This explains the military themed toys for Jurassic Park III that make no sense without context.

4. Jurassic Park III Raptor Motorcycle Pursuit

A never filmed scene for Jurassic Park III would have featured Eric Kirby being chased by Velociraptors on a dirt bike. It’s likely the Raptor Motorcycle Pursuit set was inspired by this scene, with Eric being swapped out by Alan Grant.

3. The Lost World Carnotaurus

The Carnotaurus played a role in Michael Crichton’s novel, even having color changing abilities like a chameleon, but it didn’t appear in the actual film. Considering the all new sculpt and overal design compared to the Jurassic Park series II version, one should wonder if Kenner based this on early concept art for the film.

2. The Lost World Glider Pack

Image source: Jada Toys

During the “long grass” scene, the survivors of the raptor attack would have used gliders to escape, but get attacked by Pteranodons. This Ian Malcolm Glider Pack is inspired by that moment that never made it in the film.

1. Jurassic Park Young T-Rex

Although there’s no evidence if it was ever considered for the final film, the young T-Rex was featured in Michael Crichton’s novel, playing a role in the death of public relations manager Ed Regis. It’s likely Kenner took inspiration from that while the film was going though pre-production.

Do you know any other Jurassic Toys that were based on lost characters, dinosaurs or scenes from the movies? Let us know in the comments below!

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