LEGO Jurassic Park III sets

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LEGO Jurassic Park III brochure scan
LEGO Jurassic Park III brochure scan

LEGO’s all into using IP’s these days for its toy releases. Can you imagine walking into a toy store and not seeing a LEGO set based on Disney, Marvel, DC or Star Wars? And now there are even (very popular) Jurassic World sets.

But back in 2001, this wasn’t that obvious. LEGO had just acquired the rights to release sets based on Star Wars, but that was about it. But then the LEGO Movie Maker got released, endorsed by Steven Spielberg. The set came with an actual webcam-type camera that kids could hook up to their computer and make stop motion videos with the software that came with the set. A few handful ad-on sets were released too and two of them were quite interesting for us Jurassic Park fans.

These sets were actually based on Jurassic Park, which was just released in the cinemas. Both sets represented key scenes from the movie: the attack of the Spinosaurus on the crashed plane and the escape from the Velociraptors.

For today’s LEGO standards both sets look a bit… crude. The Velociraptors and Pteranodons in particular don’t even look like their movie counterparts at all because they are not premolded like the ones in the Jurassic World sets, but are made out of different LEGO bricks.

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  1. Ah! I still have my Spinosaurus attack set…Was also released in conjunction with the ‘Dinosaurs’ line at the time. That basic dino-body became used in other lines (such as the Dewback and Boga for Star Wars). But now we have new LEGO JP, I so wish the Spino would get a figure based on the one in the game! ^^ – AM

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