Vintage Jurassic Park toy ad from 1993

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This Jurassic Park toy ad appeared in a brochure for a supermarket chain called GB (now part of the Carrefour group). It was released right before the holiday shopping in 1993.

Jurassic Park toy ad (1993)

Anyway, I still remember flipping through that brochure and just being stunned by that photo. For today’s standards it looks *meh*, but when I was a kid I just could see myself building the same backdrop, put some houseplants and throw some dirt on the floor to get the same set up (but I never did). I loved this particular page so much that I had ripped it out and carried it all around with me nicely folded up. As an early collector I asked my grandmother for her copy of the magazine so I could put a clean page in a binder to keep it safe. Glad I did so I can share it with the rest of the world…

Those prices are in Belgian Francs, our currency before the introduction of the Euro. In case you’re wondering, this is how much Jurassic Park toys costed back in 1993…

  • Bush Devil Tracker: 13,86 EUR / 15,21 USD
  • Byggis Dino World: 12,37 EUR / 13,58 USD
  • Capture Copter: 20,30 EUR / 22,29 USD
  • Dakin stuffed Dilophosaurus: 22,29 EUR / 24,47 USD
  • Electronic Dilophosaurus: 10,39 EUR / 11,40 USD
  • Electronic Tyrannosaurus Rex: 32,70 EUR / 35,90 USD
  • Jungle Explorer: 19,06 EUR / 20,92 USD
  • Jurassic Park boardgame: 17,72 EUR / 19,45 USD
  • Robert Muldoon: 5,68 EUR / 6,23 USD
  • Stegosaurus: 16,34 EUR / 17,94 USD
  • Triceratops: 18,57 EUR / 20,39 USD

5 thoughts on “Vintage Jurassic Park toy ad from 1993

  1. Wooow! Sinterklaasboekje van GB! This brings back memories!! 😮 I stared at those JP toys pages for hours in my bed at night as a kid… Good times!

    Awesome blog btw! Just discovered this recently…

  2. Does anyone know anything about that Parasaurolophus? I used to have it back in 1991, but I lost it and I don’t know its brand or where to find it… I’d appreciate some information…

    1. I have the same one. Sadly I’ve had it for so long I can only make out: made in China and a copy right C logo. Nothing else. I believe my Mom bought it for me from Sears Canada in the early 90s.

  3. Action figures were very affordable back then. The dilophosaurus, too (I remember my dad paid 500 francs in Christiaensen).

    1. Affordable in GB, I meant. Other toys stores asked more.

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