Jurassic World Hero Mashers

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Jurassic World Hero Mashers
Jurassic World Hero Mashers

These Hero Mashers by Hasbro are the latest additions to my collection. I was able to purchase these (once again) at the ‘Kruidvat’ drugstore chain here in Belgium for just 4.99 EUR each. 

I got 2 Velociraptors in red and grey colors, an Ankylosaurus and a Parasaurolophus. I already owned the Dimorphodon set which I purchased last year in Florida.

The only reason why I bought these was because they were that cheap. I remember seeing them priced at 17.99 EUR back in 2015. I would never pay that much for this toy line that hardly has any resemblance to Jurassic Park dinosaurs whatsoever…

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