Does disappointment come in small packages?

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Captivz Jurassic World eggs are just great. Opening these truly contain fun surprises. Sticky slime and a miniature dinosaur from the Jurassic universe. And a pog that can be used to play a game with your friends when you have collected them all.

So when I found these blue Jurassic World eggs, my curiosity was immediately triggered. The package says they were made by Undercover GmbH in Germany. Looking at the shelf near the cash register, they made similar suprise eggs for Spider-Man, the Disney Princesses and other brands.

Grabbing 4 (FOUR!) of them, I should have know my expectations should have been lowered. The plastic shelling felt cheap and light. And the price, just EUR 1.5 (USD 2) was the biggest giveaway. (The Captivz eggs come at EUR 5.99 or USD 7 here in our part of Europe).

Opening these blue eggs, I found a sticker sheets with Jurassic World dinosaurs, a few JW-branded crayons and three miniature coloring pages of the Triceratops, Blue and T-Rex. Even worse, all four eggs had the same stickers, crayons and coloring pages inside.

As a collector, I felt disappointed opening these, especially with the Captivz eggs in mind. However, when I gave one of these eggs to my 4 year old godchild, he was excited to start coloring in the T-Rex drawing, thus overturning my disappointed in pure delight to see this young kid getting excited about dinosaurs just like when I was his age. Not bad for a EUR 1.5 surprise egg!

I’m unboxing all these eggs in this video on the Jurassic Toys Youtube channel:

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