Jurassic Park Deluxe VHS set

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Jurassic Park deluxe VHS

You know those limited edition Blu-Ray box sets like they did for Jurassic Park and Jurassic World and many other movies? That idea isn’t quite that new actually. Back in 1994 Universal Pictures released a special edition Jurassic Park VHS set. It was packed in a special DNA carry case and featured besides the Jurassic Park VHS, a booklet about dinosaurs and their DNA, a security pass, a 3D hologram watch and a Jurassic Park map. The map is quite interesting because the visuals seem like nothing that have been used before. It’s likely they were created just for this deluxe…

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Jurassic World Blu-Ray and other surprises in stores now

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Jurassic World Echo, Delta, Charlie Growlers

Today is the official release date of Jurassic World on Blu-Ray here in Belgium, and many countries around the world. I rushed to my local Carrefour supermarket (it’s our Walmart or Target) right after work to get my copy. Right at the entrance there was a big stand for the Blu-Ray release with a huge Indominus Rex cut-out. At the toy department I was very surprised to find the Jurassic World Matchbox sets… I hadn’t seen these before here in Belgium. And even a bigger surprise were the Delta, Charlie and Echo Growlers!  I had no idea these were going to be released…

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