Jurassic Park series 1 Robert Muldoon

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Jurassic Park series 1 Robert Muldoon
Jurassic Park series 1 Robert Muldoon

The Jurassic Park series 1 Robert Muldoon toy was released in 1993. It was designed based on early sketches for the character, long before the Bob Peck casting was done. This explains why the face and body sculpt is way off compared to the movie version. (This was kinda corrected in the series 2 toy line)

Robert Muldoon comes with a grenade launcher complete with 2 different grenades. These can be stored in the backpack that’s included. It’s a bit tricky to remove the packback again. The little pins that hold the strap easily break after a while.

The hatchling that’s include is that of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. It’s probably my least favourite hatchling from all of series 1. There’s something about its teeth that annoy me…

The series 1 Robert Muldoon is a pretty cool toy with a great weapon. The only thing that would have made it even better was a “Shoot her” and “Clever Girl” voice effect. Right?

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