Jurassic World blind bags

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Jurassic World blind bags
Jurassic World blind bags

Earlier today I found the Hasbro Jurassic World blind bags at Toy Champ, a popular toy store chain in Belgium and the Netherlands.  They had two boxes with blind bags and are 2,99 EUR each.

The idea is kinda similar to the LEGO Mini Figures blind bags (they’re even the same price here), you don’t know what you’ll get. I got 12 bags in total and was allowed to take the box home as well

The box and the bags feature some really nice artwork, which is rare with Hasbro’s 2015 toy line. The dinosaurs are made of very cheap plastic and some of the dinosaurs come in really weird colours (like the T-Rex I got).

Should you buy these? Probably not, spend your money on the Panini trading cards or just buy any LEGO mini figure blind bag. You’ll get more value for your 2,99 EUR…

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