The Lost World Tombola chocolate eggs

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The Lost World Tombola chocolate eggs
The Lost World Tombola chocolate eggs

These eggs by Tombola released in 1997 in different countries around the world.  The package was distinctively The Lost World themed with its green tones, the T-Rex head and the black and yellow danger banner.

The chocolate eggs had a surprise inside: a miniature dinosaur. There were in fact 16 different ones that could be collected, but they were not related to Jurassic Park or The Lost World. They were tacky looking and made out of soft plastic. The choice of dinosaurs was really weird as well, like Moropus (not even a dinosaur, but a mammal from the Miocene era) or Palaeoscincus…

The Lost World Tombola chocolate eggs

3 thoughts on “The Lost World Tombola chocolate eggs

  1. Tombola was released in 1993-94, not 1997. I had an entire collection of these dinos from 1994-1996.

    1. Hi Roshan, Tombola released Jurassic Park surprise eggs in 1993, but also in 1997. These had different package designs.

    2. I’m looking for this box or eggs also just like the 1996 Hershey one.

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