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Mattel Creations released its latest Convention-exclusive Jurassic Park figure earlier this week. The previous years we got the limited editions of John Hammond, Dennis Nedry and Ray Arnold.

In 2022, Mattel turned the iconic image of Dr. Ian Malcolm laying bare chested and wounded in the Jurassic Park control room in an exclusive toy version. He’s packed in the faux book that the character wrote after the Jurassic Park and The Lost World events. It appeared briefly as a prop in the Jurassic World control room.

Source: Mattel Creations

Mattel made the perfect description for this limited edition figure which comes with a diorama base and sound & light effects.

Our designers were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should. Thankfully, they went all out. This posable figure comes encased in a faux book (not prehistoric amber) that opens to depict the famous scene. It also features mood lighting effects and a sound feature with eight Ian Malcolm quotes. 

Mattel Creations

On Instagram Mattel posted a photo of Jeff Goldblum himself giving his seal of approval.

The LE figure retails exclusively for 25.00 USD on the Mattel Creations webshop.

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