Review: Kenner Jurassic Park series II Gallimimus

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Jurassic Park series II, released by Kenner in 1994, was a line of action figures and dinosaurs based on the popular film and succeeded Kenner’s toy line released the year before. One of the most popular and sought-after figures in the line was the Gallimimus, a herbivorous dinosaur which was seen in one of the film’s most iconic scenes when the T. rex attacks a flock of Gallimimus.

The Kenner Gallimimus figure was detailed and somewhat accurate to its appearance in the film. It stood at the same size as the other Electronic dinosaurs from the first and second Jurassic Park series and featured limited points of articulation. The figure also had a great paint job which was inspired by its appearance in the film, although it was made slightly more colorful by adding more red and blue tones.

One of the most striking features of the Gallimimus figure was its “leg kick attack” as it’s described on the package. By pushing the button on its back, the legs would kick or mimic the motion of running. When pushing the same button, an electronic Dino Screams sound effect is triggered.

The Kenner Gallimimus figure came with a small cuff with the Jurassic Park logo and collector’s card #47 which shows a movie still of Alan Grant being confronted by a Velociraptor.

In conclusion, the Kenner Jurassic Park series Gallimimus was a great addition to the toy line and 30 years later still a favorite for many fans.

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