Find Jurassic Toys on Mastodon!

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Did you know you can find Jurassic Toys on Mastodon?

Mastodon is a decentralized social media platform that allows users to create their own communities, or “instances,” and interact with others through the use of “toots,” which are similar to tweets on Twitter. The platform is built on open-source software, which means that anyone can run their own instance and set their own rules and moderation policies.

As a user of Mastodon, you have the ability to create your own account and interact with others on the platform. To find Jurassic Toys on Mastodon, you can simply search for or visit the profile page here.

To register on Mastodon, you will first need to find a Mastodon instance (server) to join. Mastodon is a decentralized social network, meaning that there are many different instances that you can join, each with their own community and rules. It doesn’t matter which you choose, just pick one! You can always find and follow users from other instances. Once you have found an instance that you would like to join, you can usually register by visiting the website and clicking on the “register” button. You will then be prompted to enter your email, username, and password, and may be asked to provide additional information such as a display name or bio. There is also an official Mastodon app which is available for iOS and Android.

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