Mattel’s new Jurassic Park toy line hits us right in the feels

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This year marks the 30th anniversary of Jurassic Park. A huge milestone that needs to be celebrated. The first merchandising carrying the new Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary logo are now starting to appear in stores, but the biggest and most exciting announcement yet was just made by Target and Mattel in the first “Beyond the Gates” video of this year.

Instead of introducing yet another Legacy or Hammond Collection line, Mattel took it a step further by taking direct inspiration from Kenner’s 1993, 1994 and 1997 toy lines.

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I’m not crying… you’re crying!

Let’s take a look at these amazing new toys that are hitting us right in the feels.

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Dr. Ian Malcolm Glider Escape Pack

Inspired by Kenner’s The Lost World Glider Pack. It comes with an InGen Tactical Glider, tranq launcher, dinosaur harness and a Triceratops hatchling which is seemingly inspired by the hatchling from The Lost World’s Eddie Carr set. A Dilophosaurus is also included to recreate the iconic attack scene from Kenner’s collectors card #6. It’s colors and stripes are similar to the water squirting Dilophosaurus toy from 1993. The tranq launcher comes with a green fluorescent rocket which will remind you of a similar pair that came with the Jurassic Park series II Ian Malcolm.

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Dr. Alan Grant Tactical Claw Pack

Unmistakingly inspired by the color designs of Kenner’s Jurassic Park series I Alan grant with a bright blue shirt, cargo pants with knee pads and white hat. He comes with a firing crossbow, inspired by Kenner’s Ellie Sattler’s weapon. The capture claw is similar to the one that came with the 1997 Eddie Carr figure. Also included is body armor, binoculars and capture gear which also came with the Jurassic Park series II dinosaurs. A green baby raptor and Gallimimus sporting the Kenner series II colors makes this an exciting throwback set.

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Track and Explorer Vehicle Set

For their series II line in 1994, Kenner planned to have more vehicles and dinosaurs than we actually got. One of those vehicles was a repaint of the Jungle Explorer. Mattel is now bringing homage to that vehicle by releasing an all new design which is inspired by the original Jungle Explorer and sporting the colors of the cancelled repainted version. On the back of the vehicle is a rocket launcher and two rockets can be stored upwards like with the 1993 Jungle Explorer. A snare can be attached to the side of the vehicle like Kenner’s Bush Devil Tracker.

Also included in the set is the Scutosaurus which had a limited release by Mattel two years ago, but this time it’s repainted to match… the cancelled Kenner’s 1994 Scutosaurus.

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Electronic Real Feel Tyrannosaurus Rex

An all new sculpt by Mattel with a very familiar paint job that pays homage to the original 1993 electronic T-Rex, including the yellow/greenish belly. And just like the original, this T-Rex will have a “real feel” rubbery skin and with an added bonus of being able to swallow small dinosaurs. These can be recovered through an opening in its stomach, just like the Bull T-Rex toy from Kenner’s The Lost World line.

This new subline by Mattel will please lots of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World fans with fun references, hidden details and retro-inspired packaging. Hopefully fans from all around the world will be able to add these to their collection.

Watch the Beyond the Gates announcement here.

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  1. I love this and I so want that new T REX so awesome. I love it!

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