Mattel’s Exclusionary Approach: Disappointing International Jurassic Park Fans

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Update: fans across the globe can now back the crowdfund campain.

In an industry driven by passion and nostalgia, Mattel’s recent decision to exclude international backers from the initial 5000 slots of its crowdfunded Jurassic Park gates toy campaign is a blow to fans worldwide. This move, coupled with the ongoing limitations on certain Jurassic World toys, highlights a disheartening trend of exclusion and alienation. In this blog post, we will explore the frustration faced by international fans and shed light on the implications of Mattel’s approach.

Undermining Global Fan Support

The Jurassic Park franchise has garnered a massive following that spans continents and cultures. However, by denying international backers the opportunity to participate in the first 5000 slots of the crowdfunding campaign, Mattel has effectively disregarded the significant support and enthusiasm these fans contribute. This exclusionary approach not only disregards the global nature of the fan base but also undermines the very essence of crowdfunding itself.

Disregarding International Market Potential

Limiting certain Jurassic World toys exclusively to the United States market has been a long-standing frustration for international fans. With the advent of online commerce and global shipping options, it is disheartening to see Mattel neglect the potential of a vast international market. By failing to tap into this eager customer base, the company not only denies fans the opportunity to acquire coveted merchandise but also overlooks the potential for substantial financial gains.

Missed Opportunities for Brand Expansion

In an increasingly interconnected world, expanding brand reach and fostering global connections have become critical for businesses. Crowdfunding campaigns present a unique opportunity to engage with fans across borders, creating a sense of community and shared enthusiasm. By restricting the initial 5000 slots to domestic backers, Mattel squanders the chance to build stronger brand loyalty and establish a more extensive international presence.

Alienating a Dedicated Fandom

The decision to exclude international backers from the Jurassic Park Gates toy campaign serves as a significant blow to the dedicated fandom that has supported the franchise for decades. International fans invest their time, passion, and financial resources into the Jurassic Park universe, making them an integral part of its success. By disregarding their commitment and loyalty, Mattel risks alienating a passionate community that has been the backbone of the franchise’s longevity.


Mattel’s decision to exclude international backers from the initial 5000 slots of its crowdfunded Jurassic Park Gates toy campaign, along with the continued limitations on certain Jurassic World toys, showcases a disheartening trend of exclusion and disregard for a dedicated international fan base. By ignoring the global support and market potential, the company not only misses out on substantial financial gains but also risks alienating fans who have been instrumental in the success of the franchise. It is crucial for Mattel to reevaluate its approach, embrace inclusivity, and actively engage with the global fandom to restore trust and ensure fair access to merchandise for all fans.

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